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In 1994 During the funeral of his grandmother Mrs. Mamie Brown, John-Leslie spontaneously spoke of her values and the lessons that she had taught him. Although he was only 10 years old at the time, his speech that day took family & friends by storm. It was then that his Dad, Emmy award winning speaker Les Brown, recognized his son’s profound talent and started grooming John-Leslie to become a servant leader and an intellectual resource.

What do you do when you’ve been raised by one of the world's most recognized motivational speakers and you are working to inspire the next generation per his leadership? Well if you are John-Leslie Brown, Amazon Best Selling Author, Emmy award-winning Hip Hop Artist and the son of renowned top gun motivator, you reinvent yourself as "H.I.G.H. H.O.P.E.S." and infuse Hip Hop music into your inspirational arsenal! John-Leslie has done just that with "The Power of High Hopes" his 2017 album release to follow up his best-selling book Harvard Effect.

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As an international speaker, John-Leslie has inspired all age groups for the last two decades. He has been speaking professionally since the early age of ten and was recently named one of the top forty speakers under the age of forty in America. A profound communicator with the uncanny ability to deliver high powered motivational messages with infectious passion, John-Leslie enjoys equal popularity among all age groups and has experience of presenting both before corporate executives and young adults. He has received numerous awards for his ability to move young adults enabling them to achieve their full potential including the Los Angeles Clippers Humanitarian Neighborhood Alliance Awards from Success Teen International, a Best Speakers Award from Toast Masters International and an Emmy in the category of Social TV Experience for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media for his appearances on Joseph Gordon Levitt’s TV Show Hit Record on Pivot TV.

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Out there is a world that is just waiting for you to tap into it. With John-Leslie Brown’s coaching program, you can uncover all the secrets to a happy, meaningful and fulfilled life. Allow John-Leslie to begin your journey on this path of self-discovery and truly learn how to harness the power of high hopes.

Communicate To Elevate

In this Interactive  guide, John-Leslie shares his expertize of over 22 years of professional consulting leadership training. The book is a highly recommended for families, entrepreneurs and college students and is available on Amazon and Kindle.

Settle For Greatness

Whether you’re brand new to public speaking or have years of experience behind you, John-Leslie has the understanding to hone your existing skills and polish them to make you a powerful, inspiring speaker who can motivate every audience you encounter.

The book is to be followed up by an intensive longitudinal research study, based off on the coaching program aimed at measuring the impact that the teachings of the book have on the participants of the study over the course of 10 years.


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